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Series 3X Ceramic E-liquid Cartridge (PG/VG)

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Series 3X cartridges are compatible with your Series 3 device and accessories.

Your Series 3X E-Liquid cartridge comes with a three pack of atomizers; one of each available resistance.

Use the 1.5 ohm & 1.2 ohm with high PG e-liquids

pair the 0.9 sub-ohm atomizer with high VG e-liquid  like Vapour2 e-liquid.

The Series 3X E-Liquid cartridge produces maximum vapor and flavor, no matter what kind of e-liquid you're vaping. Three interchangeable atomizers allow you to enjoy your favorite high PG e-liquid or sub-ohm power for when you're in the mood for high VG. The ceramic heater utilizes the latest technology to deliver a pure, lasting flavor profile from the first puff to the last.

*Please allow filled cartridge to sit for at least 15 minutes before use. Discard after 40 refills.