Why a Smoker will become a Vaper?

There have been many talks and warnings regarding e-cigs and its harmful effects on a human body. But is it really that harmful ?

A smoker, who smokes cigarette regularly, knowing the ill effects of cigarette and being cautiously warned on almost every packet of cigarette he/she buys. He/she is also subjected to regular television and cine where the actors are smoking but with a warning written in fine thin white "smoking is injurious to health." So what exactly are we trying to portray, smoking is fine, but you have been adequately warned? Have we enabled movies and television to display a 18+ certificate, if the actors are to be shown smoking? Or we really believe parents to be responsible for monitoring the contents of their television when teenager are around? It has been established over last few decades that smoking contributes to being a cause of cancer, but are we banning cigarettes in interest of public health?

In general perception, what do we know about cigarettes to contain? Tar, nicotine, tobacco, some by products of burning paper and stems in tobacco. After effects are odour, light-headedness and a cloud of irritating smoke that burns the eye. What do teenagers know about smoking? Perhaps, a movie with cigarette being lit in the most glamorous and fashionable way or a sense of odour while their parents smoked. What causes choking of lungs for a smoker ? Tar, perhaps ?

Vaping, a term introduced for inhaling and exhaling vapour. Vaping cannot be done through cigarettes but require a special electronic cessation device called e-cig. What do teenagers know about Vaping? nothing, they only have an idea that, it's not cigarette, so its not offensive, and hence, we can try it. Yes, regulations should be put for vaping devices and vaping material not to be sold to population under the age of 18, as similar to  alcohol and tobacco. Under 18 is considered as an age of adolescence, and above 18, is adulthood, considered as an ability of making more responsible decisions with higher sense of good/bad. A regulation on under 18 sales of vaping products should also be in place because till now studies have only been focused on e-cigarettes versus cigarettes harmfulness, or whether e-cigs helps smokers quit cigarette or not. Since under 18 sale of cigarettes is prohibited, sale of e-cig should also be prohibited.

E-cig is not advertised the way cigarette is. It doesn't even stands close to the score of illness caused by cigarette. E-cig has no tar, no paper burning, no by-products, no odour, no irritation to others and it doesn't look offensive or hazardous compared to cigarettes. (more accidents are caused by un-stubbed cigarette and their flying ambers than vapour from e-cig).

So why a smoker will ever become a vaper ? It doesn't matter, it's a personal choice, if one wants justification to substantiate a choice, then its not a choice, its confusion.